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The NBA takeover Fortnite !

The NBA has yet again taken over Fortnite Creative! Featured in Fortnite Creative, the Welcome Hub created by Atlas allows players to explore a basketball-themed warehouse with several areas to discover along with a special quest. Players can also view and purchase NBA outfits in the hub, vote for items and so much more!

Last year, in 2021 The NBA partnered with Atlas Creative to create a hoops-inspired haven along with a gameplay experience. As players explored the Welcome Hub, they found a wide array of basketball-themed areas to explore or they could launch themselves off huge jumps and land big dunks in the LTM, Court Crashers.

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17 Million Unique Players

30 Minute Average Play Time

27% Retention


Atlas Creative is a team of accomplished Fortnite Creative Game Developers. Our goal is to provide the player with a unique and branded experience in Fortnite.

We can create almost anything you can dream of in Fortnite Creative and tailor it perfectly to your brand. We can also provide professional game trailers, thumbnails, and more!

Atlas Creative is an official partner of Epic Games. We have a close relationship with Epic Games/Fortnite and have worked with them on several past collaborations.

If you would like your campaign to involve Epic Games please let us know.

No! Some of the most popular game modes in Fortnite Creative do not have guns / weapons. We are more than happy to find a gameplay experience that will fit your brands needs.

This depends on the scale and game mode we develop. We usually like to say 1-2 months but can also work around your deadlines.

If you do have a specific release date in mind, please let us know.

The best way to start is to visit our contact page and set up a free consultation.

We realize that this is a new and exciting marketing space and you may have a lot of questions. Please set up a time