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We're a talented and experienced team with deep expertise in building tailor-made metaverse experiences for brands of all sizes. Our dedicated team of designers, developers and marketing specialists will work with you every step of the way to bring your project to life!

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About Atlas Creative

Atlas Creative is a game studio based in North America. Our diverse team of talented developers have created some of the top Metaverse experiences within Fortnite. We have created games that have garnished billions of plays and have developed a reputation of excellence amongst our loyal community.

Our streamlined approach

We believe collaboration from the first moment is the key to delivering a project that meets and exceeds all of your objectives. We stay in constant communication and involve you and your team at every step.

Pre-production & Concepts

We are getting a good idea of what the game will look and feel like. We do this by working with our in-house concept artists and gameplay mechanics.

Level Design & Gameplay Mechanics

We are really seeing the game come to life in this stage. We aim to have 3 feedback rounds where we can walkthrough the entire experience with you.

Marketing Strategy

We work with our in house trailer editors and 3d Render Artist to create promotional assets. Depending on the project this is the stage we solidify all other Marketing Strategy as well.

Public Launch

Your game is officially live! Our team continues to monitor the game and performs maintenance and monitors analytics closely.

Our Work

We've partnered with some of the biggest brands in the world to bring them into the Fortnite Metaverse, and have generated over 3 BILLION plays in the process!

Let's take your brand into Fortnite!

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Why Fortnite?

Fortnite attracts over 25 million players every day, more than half of them play user generated content and experiences. We help brands enter the Fortnite Metaverse to reach their demographic interactively where they already are.


Players aged 18-24


Play User Generated Content


Daily Active Users


Below are some of our most commonly asked questions. Looking for other info? Drop us a note with the button below and we'll be in touch!

Who is Atlas Creative?

Atlas Creative is a studio of accomplished Fortnite Creative Game Developers. Our goal is to provide the player with a unique and branded experience in Fortnite.

We can create almost anything you can dream of in Fortnite Creative and tailor it perfectly to your brand. We can also provide professional game trailers, thumbnails, and more!

Do you work for Epic Games/Fortnite?

Atlas Creative is an official partner of Epic Games. We have a close relationship with Epic Games/Fortnite and have worked with them on several past collaborations.

If you would like your campaign to involve Epic Games please let us know.

Do all Fortnite game modes have weapons / violence?

No! Some of the most popular game modes in Fortnite Creative do not have guns / weapons. We are more than happy to find a gameplay experience that will fit your brands needs.

How long does it take to create a game?

This depends on the scale and game mode we develop. We usually like to say 1-2 months but can also work around your deadlines.

If you do have a specific release date in mind, please let us know.

What's the best way to get started?

The best way to start is to visit our contact page and set up a free consultation.

We realize that this is a new and exciting marketing space and you may have a lot of questions. Please set up a time

Let's take your brand into Fortnite!

Ready to dive in? Click the button below to schedule a free consultation call!

Meet Our Game-Changing Team

Atlas was founded by Michael and Jordan in 2020, and together, they have assembled an incredible team of talented artists, designers, developers and marketing specialists in order to optimize and maximize the value Atlas can offer.

Michael Herriger


Jordan Holland


Cody Flaherty


Chris Gsell


Build your own game in Fortnite

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